Have you ever thought about making a german course in Berlin?

If you are an active worker or a student, you may have ever shown interest in language learning. We could say that one of the languages that is more learned around the world, because of its importance, is English. However, the German is not far behind in the rankings. Many students are travelling to England to fully immerse themselves in learning English. Now, German students also have the opportunity to make a German course in Berlin.


And what better way to make a German course in the country of origin of this ancient language. Being immersed in the city, meet its people and their customs, or even venture out to find a job. The latter option would be nice for those who are looking for a job in their own countries and do not find it. It is a great challenge to leave everything to travel to Germany, find a job, and study and practise its language during your free time.


The school Anda Spraschule offers you this latter possibility. This German school, located in the eastern district of the city of Berlin, will help you in the whole process: accommodation will be provided, if desired, in shared apartments with other students like you; they will advise you in anything you need in order to make you feel not lost during the course (moreover, they have very close native teachers in dealing with the student); cultural outings will be organized around the city of Berlin and its surroundings to know, first hand, the most important museums of Berlin and its most representative monuments; they may also provide you a language exchange with local students who will help you to practise the language naturally. All this in the most simple and practical way imaginable.


What type of courses do they offer you?


german course BerlinWell there are three types of courses which you can host:


ñ  An intensive, five times a week with four lessons per day (mornings and noon). Designed for those travelling to Berlin with the only purpose to learn the language and the city.

ñ  A semi-intensive course twice a week with two hours of lessons a day (in the afternoon). This course is designed for those who want to know the city and the country thoroughly and want to supplement it with German classes in the afternoons. Also for those who arrive in the country with a job and combine it with language learning during the evenings.

ñ  Evening courses, two class hours once a week; also intended for students in the same situation described above for the semi-intensive courses.

ñ  And finally there is also the possibility of taking private lessons; for this, the teacher will adapt the schedule and content that students want to do without any problems.

So you see there is no excuse to implement a language like German; you just need to find the desire and enthusiasm and that you do not think it for more than a minute!


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